Skin wellness, passionately and intelligently perfected in New Zealand.

New Zealand Cosmeceuticals focuses on skin wellness – we believe that skin beauty can be achieved through skin health. We use active ingredients, proven to be effective through clinical trials, to address different skin conditions such as aging, photoaging and sensitivity in all their complexity.


We use actives that are clinically proven to be effective and non-toxic as well as raw materials from South Pacific. Some of our key ingredients include:

  • ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate (vitamin C)

  • N-acetyl glucosamine

  • Niacinamide (vitamin B3)

  • panthenol (vitamin B5)

Unconventional Manufacturing

NZC uses a unique manufacturing process where actives are combined in high concentrations with a non-toxic plant polymer matrix at room temperature. This unconventional approach makes a significant impact on multiple levels.
Allows for exceptionally active formulas

As the formulation is created at room temperature, the actives are preserved from heat-damage. In addition, it is possible to add actives in much higher concentrations than in conventional formulations, without the risk of destabilising the product.

Eliminates need for toxic ingredients

The non-toxic plant polymer base eliminates the need to use many chemicals that are otherwise used in conventional manufacturing for stabilising the formulation.

Contributes to a more sustainable process

With a simplified manufacturing process that requires no heating, the company’s carbon footprint is significantly decreased – making NZC products “green cosmeceuticals”.

Our Products

Our formulations have been developed over 13 years by our biomedical scientist. All of our brands are manufactured using our unique in-house process in New Zealand in well-controlled batches.

Our Brains

With the team split between the fields of science and design, our work is focussed on critical thinking and making great ideas happen
Olga Garkavenko

NZC founder and leading-scientist, Olga Garkavenko, has been actively involved in ground-breaking cell therapy, regenerative medicine and tissue engineering research in New Zealand for 20+ years. She holds a PhD in biochemistry, three patents related to regenerative medicine and she has published numerous papers in scientific journals.

Alex Garkavenko

Alex is passionate about creating experiences that effectively respond to human and environmental needs. After studying at some of the world’s top design schools, she has worked across disciplines to bring play, surprise and empathy to digital and physical work of all scales.